2025 VW ID.7 Electric Sedan Aims for Luxury and 300
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2025 VW ID.7 Electric Sedan Aims for Luxury and 300

Nov 08, 2023

The ID.7 is trying to correct the wrongs of the ID.4 with a bigger screen, luxury features, and plenty of range.



The 2025 Volkswagen ID.7 is coming and it's helping to shape a decent year for EV sedans. With the Hyundai Ioniq 6 arriving on the scene to challenge the Tesla Model 3, there's finally some momentum building on non-SUV EVs, and the ID.7 is attempting to hit every point and then some, with a healthy of that classic VW design ingenuity missing from the ID.4 SUV.

Built on the same 400-volt architecture as the ID.4, the ID.7 takes VW's MEB platform to another level. The ID.7 will get two battery options: an 82 kWh battery, of which 77 kWh are usable (same as the ID.4 Pro), or a new 91 kWh battery that has 86 usable kWh. VW also tweaked the internals of the electric motors (now called APP550 instead of the ID.4's APP310) for more efficiency and 40% more horsepower. Specifically, the new motor features a reworked stator with more copper windings, stronger magnets, and revised cooling.

A new two-stage, one-speed gearbox delivers that torque to the driven wheels. Notice that it is not a two-speed gearbox, but a two-stage gearbox. Basically, this is a convoluted way of saying that the ID.7's electric motors are not direct drive but have a reduction gear ratio to help torque.

Where the real revolution comes for the ID.7 is the interior and range numbers. Though it hasn't endured EPA testing yet, 77 kWh ID.7 achieves 382 miles on the lenient WLTP European cycle. The EPA number will realistically land at the low to mid 300-mile range, which is still good for a large sedan. Meanwhile, the 86 kWh battery achieves 435 miles WLTP, which might make the ID.7 a real long hauler on the EPA cycle. The 77 kWh battery can charge at 170 kW while the 86 kWh battery can charge at 200 kW.

Inside, the ID.7 takes a different direction than the ID.4's much-maligned infotainment system. The screen has been expanded to a huge 15 inches and a completely new software interface should help solve most of the ailments of the ID.4. Our Editor-in-Chief Kyle Cheromcha experienced the updated system in his prototype review, and reported that it was quite good. And VW listened–the touch-sensitive sliders are now backlit.

In upsizing the screen, VW downsized the gauge cluster dramatically. It's now a small display sitting unobtrusively in front of the driver. The real party trick is that all ID.7's will come standard with an augmented reality heads-up display that will do most of the duties of a normal gauge cluster. While you’re staring at the heads-up display, all-new seats with "ID." stamped in them will keep you comfortable.

Outside, the ID.7 does challenge the definition of sedan. It is very vertical, bordering on the proportions of an SUV but is saved by its liftback shape and low roofline. It's hard to ignore how much sheetmetal there is above the wheels. It makes the ID.7 look tall and crossover-like. But it is overall reasonably handsome and continues the design thesis of the ID.4.

At first glance, this certainly feels like a course correction from VW. Where the ID.4 was underwhelming, the ID.7 feels like it is meeting the moment with its own unique take and not just stamping its time card. It starting to look and feel like the VW of old. Though whether it will live up to that mighty standard will have to be seen once it hits our roads.

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