High Quality 87029110080 Thrust Rod Assembly - Lgmg Mining Truck Spare Parts
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High Quality 87029110080 Thrust Rod Assembly - Lgmg Mining Truck Spare Parts

High Quality 87029110080 Thrust Rod Assembly - Lgmg Mining Truck Spare Parts

Good Price High Quality 87029110080 Thrust Rod Assembly - LGMG Mining Truck Spare Parts Detailed Photos More Products Pr
Basic Info
Model NO. 87029110080
After-sales Service Support
Warranty 12 Months
Material Steel
Certification SGS
Car Make Lgmg Mining Truck
Model No 87029110080
Truck Model Lgmg Mining Truck
Parts Truck Chassis Axle Parts Thrust Rod
Quality High Quality; OEM Original
Axle Lgmg Mining Truck Axle Parts
Part Name Lgmg Push Rod
Size OEM Standard Size
Sample Avaiblable
Transport Package Standard Package
Specification Standard Component
Origin China
Product Description
Good Price High Quality 87029110080 Thrust Rod Assembly - LGMG Mining Truck Spare Parts

Detailed Photos

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Product Advantages & Features

(1) Use thickened and thickened high-quality seamless steel pipes to improve the fatigue resistance of the thrust rods.(2) The thrust rod rubber core is made of high-quality natural rubber, which has high elasticity, high cushioning and fatigue resistance.(3) The ball pin is quenched and tempered with 40Cr, with high comprehensive mechanical properties to avoid ball pin fracture.(4) Both ends of the rubber adopt end caps with a triangular cross-section structure, which optimizes and decomposes the force of the end caps.(5) At present, the products are divided into polyurethane, natural rubber and bearing types, which can be customized according to customer needs.


Factory Show

Function and working principle

The thrust rod is mainly applied to the heavy-duty truck, single axle of bus suspension, and double rear axle heavy truck. They are connected to the frame and the axle. Its purpose is mainly to overcome that the leaf spring can only transmit the vertical force and lateral force surface, but can not transmit the traction force, braking force and corresponding reaction torque.At present, the most commonly used thrust rod is type I thrust rod applied to Steyr chassis. The V-shaped thrust rod has good lateral positioning function, which greatly reduces the lateral movement distance of the drive axle compared with the traditional suspension.


Common Faults
NO.Common faultsFault AnalysisImprovement scheme of thrust rod
1The rubber of the rubber ball pin is peeled off from the ball pin, the metal ball pin rotates and the rubber is extruded.The adhesion is not up to standard, or the selected adhesive and compound are unreasonable.Adopt Chemlok hot-vulcanized adhesive, which greatly improves the adhesion between rubber and ball pin.
2The rubber of the rubber ball pin is damaged, serious cracks appear on the surface, and a deep gap appears between the rubber and the ball pin framework.The surface of the ball pin is scratched by foreign matters, or the rubber is naturally aged and cracked.The rubber core adopts natural rubber, which has better elasticity and fatigue resistance.
3The thrust rod is bent and deformed or the rod body is broken.The stress of the stress bar is too large or fatigue crack occurs, and fracture occurs during use; The ball pin link bolt is loose or the support is broken, resulting in the bending or fracture of the thrust rod; The thrust rod is bent or broken under the action of external objects or external forces.The load-bearing rod adopts thickened and thickened (from 50 to 54 and 60) high-quality seamless steel pipe, which greatly improves the service life compared with ordinary load-bearing rod.
4The ball pin handle of the thrust rod is broken.The handle is torn due to loose fixing bolts; The fatigue crack or quenching and tempering crack of the ball pin hole causes the fracture of the handle in use.The ball pin handle of thrust rod is quenched and tempered with 40Cr material, with high comprehensive mechanical performance and high fatigue resistance.
5The distance between the left and right rear axles of the vehicle is inconsistent, resulting in accelerated tire wear.The center distance between the left and right lower thrust rods is inconsistent, or the clearance is too large due to the wear of the ball pin rubber on one side.The products are produced by the machining center, which guarantees 100% pass rate of the concentricity and center distance of each thrust rod.
6Abnormal noise on the rear axle of the vehicle.The thrust rod is damaged or the rubber of the ball pin is worn, and the ball pin comes out.

Packaging & Shipping

High Quality 87029110080 Thrust Rod Assembly - Lgmg Mining Truck Spare Parts

Company Introduction

High Quality 87029110080 Thrust Rod Assembly - Lgmg Mining Truck Spare Parts

High Quality 87029110080 Thrust Rod Assembly - Lgmg Mining Truck Spare Parts


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